Portrait of an artist – Adolfo Rúa


This short film on the mediterranean painter Adolfo Rúa, was made in Sitges where he continues to live and paint. Throughout this short film, we discover Adolfo´s hints of perception of life and existence as well as his surrounding visions impregnating his canvases full of color and light.
From the roof of his home where he can see the sea, a great inspiration in his landscape work; he shows how from a first brush stroke he constructs the image of what he sees in front of him, always with infinite color that gifts the eye, Adolfo´s paintings move the soul reaching the doors of perception, dimensions of reality and beyond…
Aldolfo Rua who travels on is bicycle to find the right spot where the magnificent olive tree stands up amongst old grape vines, is a modern reminiscence of the impressionist.. At the same time, his work is not an heritage but a fresh new gaze of looking and evolving with life. His paintings go from landscape, to figurative to wild abstract of energetic defiance. To know his work better, you can visit his website at: